Name: Cecile Yoon / 윤슬이 (Yoon Seuli)
Birthday: 8/27/1989
Favorite Member: Junsu

  • Website Organizer
  • Manager of Data Page
  • News Reporter
  • Korean-English Translator


Name: Alice
Username: siabyul
Twitter: @siabyul
Birthday: 2/22
Favorite Member: Junsu

  • Photographer / News Reporter
  • Korean-English Translator and Korean-English Romanizator
  • Manager of Discography Page

Other Lovely Staff

Username: oneloveeej
Username: BABYYOO

Join Our Staff

JYJhouse always welcomes volunteers to help! If you are willing to help out, please apply.
We are looking for photographers, graphic designers, translators (languages besides Korean too!), news reporters, and more.

Please email us at if you’re interested. Thanks!

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