Rules and FAQ


These are not really rules but things I would like you to keep in mind. However, there are no real rules here. You may speak your mind, go spazz about JYJ, have conversations here with others… In other words, do whatever you want! Have fun! I would like you to be kind to one another though. Make friends, be happy, and spread JYJ love around the world. :D

  1. Please leave a comment. Whether they are to us or to someone else. Either way, comments make us happy.
  2. Please do not hotlink any images. If you would like to take something, you can always reupload on your own right?
  3. Credit JYJhouse for the works done by us. Please do not just directly copy and paste our posts elsewhere. Our staff and I worked hard and spent time on each and every post. Feel free to share anything we post though. Just put at end please.


Q: How long have you been a fan of DBSK… now JYJ?
A: Hmmm, I’m not really sure of the exact dates but this is my 7th year now, since I loved them since 2005. ^^

Q: Can you upload all the JYJ songs and videos here so I can download?
A: I’m sorry. I would love to share, but it is illegal to do that really. I’m always tempted to share but I try to refrain myself from doing that.

Any questions for me? Ask.


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