Welcome to JYJhouse!

JYJ하우스에 오신것을 환영합니닷!

We are an international Kim Junsu & JYJ fansite officially opened on August 20, 2011.

I’ve been a long time DBSK/JYJ fan and I’ve always wanted to create a fansite for them. I’ve actually been planning and planning for many years (since January 2008 to be exact) on how I should create it. How should I organize it? The web design? How should I do this? Maybe these things aren’t even things to think about, but for me, I had to think long and hard. I like keeping things organized OCD-style and looking for the perfect web design was a difficult task. I still didn’t find one, but I just decided, “Okayyy. That’s it. I’ll just go with this one.” And here I am — finally opened up JYJhouse. :)

I’ve always enjoyed collecting pictures of them, searching up all news on them, and watching every video of them. DBSK was my favorite group ever and still is, although heartbreakingly they have split to JYJ and HoMin. I still love both of them and I would say that DBSK would never be complete unless there’s five of them all together. I feel nostalgic when I look back at those times, but I’ll still support them wherever they go.

Especially my baby Junsu. YES, he’s my favorite person in the whole wide world. I can’t explain why I love him but I love him because I just love him. If I really have to list out the reasons, I fell in love because of his cuteness and personality. I love his dolphin wail, his duckbutt, and his “Eukyangkyang!” I can very faintly remember when he looked directly at me and smiled at the first JYJ concert I went to. That was the happiest moment of my life. I wish I could remember that moment clearly in my head forever but the human brain is not capable of that. I just remember, I was in heaven at that moment and I was just sooo happy that my heart skipped a beat. His smile is a smile that spreads happiness and he brings happy energy all around. And when he sings, he sings so passionately. His amazing unique voice that captivates the soul. Junsu, you are so beautiful~

Sorry about that long paragraph on my love for Junsu. LOL I made it to the point and as short as possible! He’s my bias and now I love him to the point that he’s part of my everyday life. Maybe I’ve caught the incurable Junsu virus. Hahaha I love JYJ as a whole though and of course I love Jaejoong and Yoochun a lot a lot too. We hope to grow into a large and friendly JYJ community where fans from all over the world can bond and work on projects together. Come join our family^^

Please love and support JYJhouse! :) JYJhouse 많이 사랑해주세용~~!


One thought on “About

  1. Hi ,
    I just found this website today and omg I love love love it!<3333333
    Thank you so much for creating it and the web design and everything is wonderful!
    It's very organized and everything looks perfect so don't stress about it anymore! It's perfect the way it is.
    Junsu's my favorite too!! :DDDDD I fell for his adorable dorkiness and he's just so cute!
    Thanks for your hard work admins and I'll be following everyday okay? ^^

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