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[NEWS+VIDEO] JYJ Kim Junsu Makes Surprise Feature in ′Nice Guy′ OST


JYJ’s Kim Junsu gave viewers a special treat when his sweet voice was heard at the end of KBS’ Nice Guy.

After September 20’s broadcast of Nice Guy, the ending song that was played created quite a buzz for viewers as it featured Kim Junsu′s voice. The surprise came because there were no announcements of the singer participating in this drama’s OST. Kim Junsu’s sudden participation in the Nice Guy OST caused the keywords, ‘Nice Guy OST’ to become one of the most searched following the broadcast.

Kim Junsu’s agency, C-Jes Entertainment stated, “Kim Junsu sang Love is like a Snowflake for the Nice Guy OST. It will be revealed on September 26. It is a traditional ballad that expresses the sorrowful love of a man who lost the woman of his life. Kim Junsu added, “I sang with that man’s sorrowful love. I hope it receives a lot of love with the drama during the fall season.”

A drama staff revealed that the team is already receiving many requests for the OST already.

Meanwhile, Nice Guy took the number one spot after four episodes for the Wednesday/Thursday drama spot with a rating of 13.3 percent.

Source: Enewsworld
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