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[README] JYJhouse 1 year anniversary & Renovation

Hi, this is just a quick announcement about JYJhouse :)

Times flies by so quickly.
August 20, 2011 ~ August 20, 2012!! Today marks JYJhouse’s 1 year anniversary! We’re so happy and thankful to all our readers and visitors. Although we haven’t gone that far or done very much (ehem because of our busy-ness) we have come a long way since then. We’re so happy we stayed together through the first year and we hope there will be many more years to come! The first year is always the hardest so we think it’s the most important. Now, we are much more stable so we’ll be able to update more often. ^^

We wanted to buy cake and celebrate but we saved that money to pay for JYJhouse’s server and maintenance costs for the second year. (but Maybe next year? We’ll buy cake ^___^)

Also, we are renovating the website for the start of the 2nd year. We’re wondering if you like this web design better than the older one? Please give us some feedback so we can improve to your liking!

Again thank you so much!! muah<3

edit: coming back to edit this post with pictures and pretty things….a little later on because we’re a little busy now :)


3 thoughts on “[README] JYJhouse 1 year anniversary & Renovation

  1. I thought I left a comment last night, but it’s not here . . . Anyway Happy Birthday! and I hope it’s the first of many! Can’t wait to meet you guys next week!

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