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[INFO] Xia Junsu NEW YORK Concert

This is a page created for Junsu’s upcoming concert in New York.
You may ask any questions here or let us know of anything new.
Anything about the NY concert~ We’ll be continuously updating this page.

I will be going to the concert so I’d like to know if you’re going too ^^ Please post below to let me know. Also our admin CEOCECILE will also be going. I wish we can plan an event for the NY concert like other countries do…but that’s my hope. It’s hard to unite and do events, but please let us know if you have any ideas or would like to get together and try something. I would be happy to. If you need help buying tickets, I’ll help or if you bought them and can’t go, you can let us know and we can put it up for sale here as well. I couldn’t find any place where NY fans are united, so please help spread this page so we can communicate about things here. Thanks!


Concert Info.
Date: Thursday, August 30
Place: Manhattan Center Hammerstein Ballroom – New York, NY
Time: 8PM

** Tickets will go on sale from Wednesday 08/01/12 at 10AM at


* people who bought tix but can’t go anymore you can let us know and we’ll help sell your tickets.



159 thoughts on “[INFO] Xia Junsu NEW YORK Concert

    • Thanks for letting us know ^^~ I’m so excited too!!!
      I knoww right. It would better if jj and yc can come too but I’m am blessed.. Me being a junsu bias hahaha

  1. I’m planning on going and know absolutely no one else who is, so I would love to find other fans interested in meeting up or to at least know of other fans in the NY area!

    • Hi ^^
      I’ve actually been to the Hammerstein ballroom for their showcase in 2010 so I know how it looks like in there. Floor is closest to the stage although you’re standing. The 150$ ones are upstairs so you’ll have great view (no ppl blocking your way) but it’s a little further away from the stage. I like GA because you can jump around and dance along LOL but it is a bit chaotic so if you don’t like chaos you should buy the seated tickets…I would def get ga tickets since I want to be close as possible ehehehexD I personally think ga is much better so I don’t understand why balcony seats are more expensive but it’s good. Hope this helped!

  2. I should be there! I’m flying in from Pittsburgh.

    You’ve seen @XIA_USA on twitter? They’re based in NY, too. Tho their goods order period is already over :\

  3. Hey everyone!! I am from the Boston area and I just bought my ticket to see junsu in NY but I am going alone tho so it would be nice to meet up with people whom is also going alone too. I just discover this band 2 weeks ago and fell in love with them right away and when i found out that Junsu was going to be in NY for his solo concert i was super excited!!!! So it would be super cool to meet up with fans whom is also going to see his concert before the concert. Let me know if anyone wants to meet up.

        • i got the ground floor ticket too! some other fans who i talked to that wanted to meet up also got ground floor tickets. we must all have the same mindsets :P this is my first jyj concert too! and my first standing concert. i’m really excited!! :D

    • HIII ^^
      aww you’re a new fan! hehe that’s great. I’ve been a fan since they first debuted in dbsk.
      Many ppl seems to want to meet up so I hope you can find someone! You’re coming from boston so idk which way you’ll be coming from but I am taking the subway from Flushing~ if anyone is also doing that, we can meetup in flushing.

      • If I drive in from CT I plan of parking in Flushing, I used to live there and my Mom still lives there plus I want some street food :- ) Wanna meet up? This will be my 1st kpop concert (so excited)!

        • Hi ^^ sure we can meet up!
          I’m not sure how this is gonna work out though since there’s quite a few people now. we can talk through twitter if you have :)

          • No twitter, just FB & Pinterest. Oye, if the meet up is getting too crowded, no worries since I’m still debating on how I’m getting there. I may end up making a day of it and run a few errands/meet up with friends/family, etc. :- )

  4. would it be really hard to see in the GA standing if you’re short? since it’s probably going to be really crowded :/ also, how much earlier would you have to go to line up? i also want to meet up with some fans and go together for the concert :D

    • Yeahh :\ I’m short too only 5 feet so I couldn’t see at all when I went to the showcase; only when I jumped haha The showcase was crazyy packed so you couldn’t even breathe well. Literally everyone was on top of each other. But I’m sure it’ll be much better this time since it’s not free.

      Some of my friends go really early and camp there from the morning, but I think that would make me really tired so I won’t have energy left for the concert. I would just go a couple of hours before it starts. Maybe around 6 since it starts at 8. ^^ Did you find anyone to go together with yet?

      • hey i’m taking the train from flushing too! you got the standing tickets? maybe we can meet up if you’re comfortable with it :) haha and i’m also very short.. around the same height as you :P i hope i can see and won’t get trampled

        • heyyy^^ yeahh I got the standing tickets. how about you? I knoww, I hope I don’t get trampled this time but wearing high heels to the concert isn’t a good idea either since we’ll be standing long lol YAYYY we’re around same height? :D I love short ppl!!Almost everyone’s taller than me so I especially favor my same height friends hehehe

          Yess we can meet up if you want :) How should I contact you though? or you can contact me through twitter if you have one.

          • yep i got standing tickets. i was originally going to get the $150 tickets but then i figured it would be much more fun standing, but now i’m worried about getting trampled :P my friend went to the free jyj showcase and she said she couldn’t breathe or move at all and that scares me lol and you’re wearing heels? o.o how are you going to push through the crowd? lol i plan on running straight to the front once the doors open.. if that’s possible :P

            we can talk more about the meeting up through email :) i don’t have a twitter

            • Oook then. we shall get to the front together >;)
              yeah it’s much more fun standing. especially for dance songs I like jumping LOL
              The showcase really was…..I couldn’t even see anything and I’m not exaggerating — everyone was stuck together and since I’m short it was hard to breathe since I was being squished on all sides by taller ppl. I had to look up to breathe~ I thought overcapacity was illegal. They let too many ppl in but it was the first time I saw them in person so I was still happy. haha & nononono no heels! I can stand for that long in heels. hurts too much :x

              You should make a twitter! I made mine just to follow junsu

  5. ME too. I bought standing tickets and i am short. I would like to meet up with you guys too before the show. I am taking the train from jersey city. JYJhouse and lalachata0, are you guys meeting up before the concert? can I join?

    • aww we all have so many similarities! :) we do plan on meeting up, and of course you can join! i’m really excited about this :D

  6. aww we all have so many similarities! :) we do plan on meeting up, and of course you can join! i’m really excited about this :D

  7. Yes :D
    Do you guys want to meet up maybe at Greenley Square maybe?? For fans from Boston and Pittsburgh (yeahhhh~~), Greenley Square is between 6th ave and W33rd st…2 blocks away from Manhattan Center. I figured it will not be too crowded with junsu’s fan and we can recognize each other better. :D

    • hmm that’s not a bad idea but we have to confirm with everyone. how are you guys getting here though? (fans from boston and pittsburgh) i also talked to this other girl who wanted to meet up and we thought about meeting up at penn station.

  8. Yeah. But Penn station is so big and crowded. Not to mention..penn station stinks at times. LOL.. It’s almost impossible to find anyone.. especially people who are not local… don’t you think so?

    • i thought penn station would be a bit more convenient since it’s closer. it’s only a block away. we can meet outside of penn station. that shouldn’t be too much of a problem right? o.o i’m fine with greeley square too if everyone else is fine with it, but i’m not too sure how far that is. i’m thinking if i should bring a bag to the concert haha are you bringing anything with you?

  9. Is it too late to join in? I’m taking the train into Penn Station from Jersey. This will be my first time going to a concert alone and with standing tickets instead of a seat so it would be great to have some fellow concert buddies!

  10. Wow everyone here is going to the concert alone ha so it would be a good idea for all of us to meet before the concert somewhere. I really want to get as close as i can to the front so if we all push and go together we might have more of a chance than alone LOL. And since we are all about the same height which is really short getting to the front is our best chance to see Junsu!! Hopefully we can all work something out and meet up>)

  11. yeahh all of us are going alone with standing tickets AND we’re all short. hahaha i think that’s really cool :P and i agree that it’ll be easier to push through being together than being alone. when the doors open, we’ll all just run straight to the front haha. i really wanna see his angel pose live and the only way is to be up front! so hopefully this will work out. i’ve always wanted to go to a concert with some fellow cassies :D hmm where do you guys all wanna meet up? :)

  12. I am not overly familiar with the area but would it be better to meet up by the venue or near Penn station? It might be better if it is near Manhatten Center if not everyone is coming by train. What do you guys think?

  13. Yeah i think we should meet up by the venue coz it be easier that way. Should we each have a sign that say something like JYJhouse so that everyone here knows that we are all fans from this page? Just a though. Oh I plan to be there at around 12:00 or so just because this is my first concert and i really want to get to the front LOL!!! Do any of you think that way to earlier to be their?

  14. Yeah i agree, i think the venue would be the best meet up place since everyone is going to be there anyways. the sign thing is funny lol :P we can do that or maybe we can all wear the same clothing? like jeans and a blue t-shirt (something like that haha) i plan on wearing boots since wearing sandals isn’t a good idea and i don’t have sneakers ): wow 12:00 is pretty early o.o i was gonna go there around 5 or 6 because if i stand too long i might get really tired out by the time the concert starts. also, what if i’m in line and i need to use the restroom.. but i don’t plan on drinking anything that day LOL. if we meet up though, we should all get there at the same time so we can get in line together. what time does everyone else plan on getting there?

    • I guess meeting at venue is good too..But definitely, a jyjhouse big sign needs to be there! Lol.. I can already imagine how crowded it will be and most likely, I will not to be able to find u guys…
      I have to work that day.. Will be there probably around 6?
      Totally in for a jeans, sneakers and tshirt.

      • We could also find somewhere really specific and close to the venue that wouldn’t be crowded. Though I am not really sure what is nearby. I am planning on taking as little as possible with me and definitely wearing jeans and a tshirt and sneakers as well. Gg is your train stopping at the Secaucus Junction? If it does we could met up there and take the connection to Penn.

        • Hmm, i’m not sure what is nearby that isn’t crowded. Gg suggested greeley square before, but isn’t it kinda crowded there? lleppj, do you plan on getting there around 6 also?

          • Greeley Square might be crowded, but I’m pretty sure anywhere we pick would be crowded. It’s small so we could meet by the statue at the center since it’s the only one there. We could friend each other on facebook or something so we’ll know what faces to look for or just descibe what we’ll wear before hand.

            Meeting at 5 or 6 sounds good though I’m sure there will be a lot of people waiting on line already. As long as we can make our way towards the front when the doors open. I’m on the short side of average height (5’4) but I still want to have a good view!

          • oh yeah, I forgot you mentioned you were in Jersey City. I’m no where near a PATH station so it’s easier just hopping on a train. That’s ok, I’ll see you at whatever meeting place we all choose

  15. That’s true, that area is generally pretty crowded. would it be better to meet at greeley square or by the venue? we should have a big jyjhouse sign and know what everyone is going to be wearing beforehand. or maybe we could exchange numbers? that’s the easiest way for us to contact each other. and 5’4 isn’t a bad height, haha at least your taller than me. i’m sure we can make it to the front, we’ll just have to be a bit aggressive that night :P

  16. I vote for jyjhouse sign and exchanging numbers. the location doesn’t really matter anymore if you have that 2… LOL.
    I was thinking of greeley square before that square is not really big and you can pretty much see everyone there. By the venue will be pack with junsu’s fan and will be much crowded than greeley square… but either way is fine.

  17. I agree with the sign and exchanging numbers as well. I wouldn’t mind Greeley Square either but you’re right, if we have each other’s numbers it won’t matter too much.

  18. I do plan to be there before everyone else here so should i be holding the jyj sign at the front of the line? And is it rude for me to hold a spot for you guys if i actually end up in the front?

    • Hmm.. I think if you holdup a sign… others will know that it will be a group and will understand… Should be fine. I am pretty sure other fan clubs will hold up sign as well!! LOL
      Are you really going to be there at 12?? the earliest I can be there is at 5. :(

  19. so if we’re doing the sign and the exchanging numbers, should we just meet up by the venue? we can all just look for the sign. it’ll save us time if we meet up there. i don’t think it’s rude, but if we cut the line.. idk if others would mind.

    • I’m sure there will be others with the same idea as us who are holding spots on line so it probably won’t be a problem. Whoever gets there earliest can give the others a heads up on how the line is or if it starts to get crowded.

      • alright, that works. so i guess whoever plans on getting there earliest should make the sign. should we just write jyjhouse in big letters on copy paper?

        • Maybe 4 copy papers stick together? Single looks pretty small…
          I will try (not sure how to do it yet but shouldn’t be too hard.. LOL) to create a facebook private invitation and post the link out tonight..

          • We should probably have as big of a sign as possible without it being cumbersome to hold so between two and 4 sheets with the letter really BIG.

  20. i think four is best because one or two pieces of paper might be too small to be seen from far away. we should model it out and see what is best. we could also attach it to a stick, if possible

  21. I create a private event on Facebook.. Not sure how it works but..I have added youa thao to start with.. Lol. And u can invite people now… I guess we can exchange number or email there where it is more private? Let me know if it doesn’t work..

  22. That’s the thing.. I bought from powerhouse cuz it’s cheaper but I haven’t receive it yet. Hmm.. I emailed them but no reply yet. <:(

  23. I’m friends with both of you now. Grace, sorry you friended the wrong person. There’s a guy in the UK who has the exact name as me . . . even the same middle initial. That was probably him.

  24. Hi guys! this is siabyul on my personal account. LOL so sorry for lack of updates…omg so much conversation going on. I have to read thorough everything but fb event? yeah we should~ You guys can add me as a friend too. (Alice)

  25. I just realised that the processing fees from ticketmaster varies based on events. My 2NE1 processing fees is only 6 bucks.. but i know junsu is around 20..

    • oh you’re going to 2ne1’s concert too?? how exciting haha i wanna go to a bigbang concert. and really? i thought the ticketmaster fees started from $12 or $13.. junsu’s fees are extremely high then

  26. yeah. 2NE1 is just to accompany my friend. I don’t really know that group..
    JYJ is probably the only group that i follow and.. I REALLY REALLY want to go to their concert. LOL..
    I should say.. I really really like yuchun XD

    • ahh i see. i really really want to go to jyj’s concert too! i didn’t get to go the last two times they came, i didn’t even know about their new jersey concert T_T so your favorite in jyj is yoochun? my favorite is junsu so i’m REALLY happy that i get see him this time :D i also really love jaejoong, and yunho haha well i love all of dbsk

      • I didn’t too. I used to like old dbsk when they first came out and liked yunho back then.
        I just recently re-discovered them again. LOL. I found alot of old x-men variety show online and watched every single one that has dbsk. XD.
        Yuchun was so cute back then.. needless to say, now even better :D
        But I have to agree that Junsu is a better vocalist. :p

        anyone watched rooftop prince and dr.jin?

        • i think i watched some of the x-men clips but it was a long time ago so i don’t remember. i watched the more recent old dbsk stuff though and whatever show they were on was just hilarious. they were such a funny group and jaejoong’s personality is so weird lol
          i watched rooftop prince! yoochun was such a cutie in there, i totally fell for that smile haha, yeah he was really cute back then, especially during their hug and balloon days.
          i might watch dr. jin for jaejoong :P are you watching it? how is it?

          • I just finished dr.jin yesterday.. I like it.BUT.. they don’t censor any of the surgery scene. Can be a little gross. actually.. can be very gross at first but im kinda immune to it now.

              • Did either of you watch Protect the Boss? I didn’t watch it for Jaejoong but he ended up being my favorite part. I’m thinking of starting Dr. jin, but I don’t like medical shows in general sooo maybe not.

                • Erm… I dont quite like jaejoong character in dr.Jin.. And his acting so so.. Maybe it’s a more serious type of drama. I prefer yuchun in rooftop prince and sungkyungkwan scandal.
                  Lol… I watched miss ripley before my “re-discovery” of dbsk.. So I didn’t know it was yuchun until recently.
                  Honestly even back in dbsk days.. I didnt really notice yuchun. He seemed to be the quiet n hidden one.

                  • i’m actually watching protect the boss right now. i’m watching it for jaejoong but i think i like the main lead more now LOL. it’s a funny drama but the plot goes no where.. it’s sorta draggy :/
                    oh so after you rediscovered yoochun, you watched rooftop prince for him? lol yoochun’s acting wasn’t that great in miss ripley but he did SO well in rooftop prince. he improved so much, i’m proud of him haha. miss ripley was really good though, i love lee da hae. and yeah i think yoochun is the quietest out of the five but he’s still pretty talkative

          • I watched all of them they were in. Miss Ripley, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Dr. Jin, Protect the Boss, Rooftop Prince and Scent of a Woman. haha did any of you guys watch Scent of a Woman? It was my favorite drama of 2011. The scenes are so nice. I wish Junsu did dramas<33 I was so happy when he cameoed in epsiode 5 of scent of a woman. would like to see him more T_T but he does his musicals.
            Rooftop Prince was my favorite out of these JYJ dramas! it was so cute

            • Yeah.. I love rooftop prince too!!
              Scent of woman is so funny… “NA yo..” or something like that. Lee dong wook is so cute.

              • Yeahh rooftop prince was so cute! I love that little vegetable doll. I want it xD And scent of a woman? LOL I have really short term memory with dramas so I forget the plot but I thought it was more of a serious than funny drama haha but I remember it was really good! best 2011 drama for me :) and since junsu cameoed in ep 5 <3333

  27. I just wanted to say thanks as I saw JYJHouse tweeting to XiahPicnic about the fans for the NY show. I admit I’m a little jealous/worried that so much seems to be being done for the LA stop and not for the NY stop :( I really hope Su has a great time in NY and knows East Coast loves him too!!

    • Yupp I wish NY fans could be more united and plan out events together but we don’t seem as united as other countries/states. But it’s okay :)) He’s still coming to NY so he loves us. hahaha
      and no problem. I tried asking but she won’t reply T__T I’m sad. But now it’s too late since there’s only 10 days left but we’ll try planning better next time. :)

  28. I bought my ticket today, totally stoked even though I’m aaaaaalllllllllllll the way in the back upper level. Still have to decide whether or not I’m driving in from CT or taking the train.

    • yay glad you’re coming too!
      yeahh my wallet’s crying but it’s worth it ^^
      I think train would be better since parking’s hard in manhattan and if you go to those park places it costs a loooot

      • Oh yah I know it can get crazy $$$. By driving I meant driving from CT into Flushing and then taking the 7 in or taking MetroNorth from CT straight into Manhattan and bypassing Flushing altogether. I grew up in Manhattan & Flushing and I actually find it easier to find parking in Manhattan than Flushing though haha!

        • Ohhh I know what you mean! LOL I live in bayside so it’s less crowded than Flushing but flushing does really seem overcrowded with cars. And that’s where I think we’re meeting at. I think we’ll meet at flushing and ride the 7 together ^^

  29. Hello everyone! I really want to go to this concert…I’m just a little bit bummed that it’s during the weekday (i have a job) and that my friend that was suppose to go with me cancelled on me (but I can’t blame her…she was about to fly out from atlanta and airline tickets from atl to nyc are SO expensive). I’m thinking about going by myself but coming back by bus after the concert (i live in the Wash, DC area btw). I’m just curious, is anyone else coming from DC doing the same thing??? I would love to travel with someone! I think if I traveled with someone then I will definitely make this trip! :) If I don’t make it up there, then I guess it’s ok. I was lucky enough to see jyj in concerts in korea while I was living there and I saw Junsu in Mozart! So amazing!!! But the thought of missing junsu or any jyj event in my home country (USA) while I’m here really makes me sad. Please give me a message on my facebook if you are traveling from DC!

    • Hi! Ooh I think it’ll be hard to find someone coming from the same area as you but hope you find someone. omg You’re so luckyy<3 I really wish I could go see xiahzart too. <33
      I hope you can come though :)) I personally would cancel everything for their concerts haha

    • that’s in long island right? :) we made a fb event so we can talk there but there’s a quite a few ppl already so I don’t know if it’ll be hard for all of us to meet. There’s 7 ppl so far. I was just thinking around 2-4 ppl haha but maybe we can split from the group if it’s hard to meet up in the same place since we’re still live apart. Maybe there’s someone who lives near syracuse too.
      you can friend me if you want and I’ll invite you to the event

  30. hi! it’s in a week!! i’m really excited to see Junsu ^0^ But i have to admit i’m a little worried. Does anyone how the tickets sell is doing?

    • Hi there! I just bought my ticket (standing ticket yes!) I was wondering the same thing as you…on another forum someone said that they called Powerhouse and they said that the ticket sales has been low so far. :( But she called Ticketmaster and asked them about it and they said they couldn’t release that information. So hopefully ticket sales at Ticketmaster could be a bit higher. But a lot of ppl seem to be optimistic about it. I remember one person saying that a lot of ppl bought tickets the day of for the JYJ Newark concert. I really don’t know personally about the Newark concert because I was abroad for the last two years….but yeah, we should think positively! I’m thinking that it probably won’t sell out but a good number of people will be there!

      • I’m on standing too, yes! But doesn’t Powerhouse has info about Ticketmaster sells since it’s the promoter? Could it be that when they said “low” they were talking about in total? Omg i’m so worried. Ok ok i’m gonna send positive thoughts!! As you said even not sold out i hope it will still be crowded :)

        • I’m not sure. :( I was assuming that powerhouse and ticketmaster were selling different sets of tickets for the concerts so they only know about their own sales. *shrugs* It also worries me that whenever I see a forum about the NYC concert very few ppl seem to be going but idk. :( Like what JYJhouse said, I don’t want it to be too crowded but I hope a good amount of ppl show up so Junsu will be happy!

          • Mhmm I hope so :) I’m hoping the seats will be filled and ground less people so it doens’t get too chaotic there with all the pushing.
            & Yeahh I know. I wish there were more NY fans but there seems to be not that many in NY T_T I was worried junsu won’t have a concert in ny but I was so happy when they announced he was.

            Hahaha either way he has many loving fans already like us :D

      • T.T
        I just called and willcall opens an hour before concert. So I guess I will wait outside with you guys earlier and get the willcall ticket and come back.. :(

  31. Hi, guys! I’m also going to the concert and I bought floor tickets, but sadly, I couldn’t find any friends to go with me, so as of now I’ll be running around all by my lonesome self ;~; I know this is kind of last minute, but would anyone be free / want to meet up near the venue around 6pm-ish? I have work around three blocks away until that timee D:

    And I bought tickets from Powerhouse so I’ll have to pick tickets up at willcall boooooo :(

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