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[PROJECT] Junsu’s 26th Birthday!


Start: October 1st // End: December 1st

Our goal is to send 26 presents for his 26th birthday ^^

This is our first project here at JYJhouse. We’ve only been around since August 30th of this year, so despite being only 43 days now since our opening, we are happily announcing a birthday project for Junsu’s 26th! This project is created for anyone who loves Junsu and would like to send him a little gift. All fans internationally are welcome! The goal for this project is just to send little meaningful gifts rather than big, large, and gigantic ones. There are many ways to be a part of this project.

Please help spread this project. :)


1) Project Donations

Donation Goal: $300
Amount Raised: $26

Funds are needed to
– buy gifts (we will buy gifts– clothing, accessories, etc. with the money raised)
– materials for wrapping gifts
– shipping to Junsu + packaging materials
* accepting donations through paypal. by concealed cash, please contact us.
* we would be grateful for any amount. $1 would be a big help.

siabyul ————————– $26

2) Fan Sign

Instead of Junsu signing for us, we will be signing autographs for Junsu BECAUSE

The idea is that everyone who’s taking part of this project will be on the list. We want to make it more personalized. We don’t want the names to be computer typed and printed but we want everyone to sign their names and decorate it. You can also write a short message with it like, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNSU!” or “OMGSUN You’re 26!” You can post a small picture with it as well. You just have to keep it in the space of 4×6 inches or 10×15 centimeters. After these are collected, we will be making a board for Junsu with all our autographs. Note: People who have donated will all be on the list as well. If it’s a hassle for you to make something and send it to me by mail, it’s okay. We will still include your name on the board. :)

* After you have completed making yours, please send a message HERE.
We will send an email in reply with our address so you can send it.
Due: 11/22/11 All must be received by November 22nd!

3) Your Gifts —> To Junsu

We are putting no limits to this project! We are accepting any presents you would like to give to Junsu. Whether it’s made by you or bought by you, they are all welcome!

When you are ready, please go to the contact page and let us know. We will give you the address to send your gifts to. Again, this must be received by 11/22 to make sure we get everything organized to send to Junsu by December 15th.

Recommendations for making your own.
+ Birthday cards (You can make one by yourself or pretty store bought cards are also wonderful.)
+ Fanarts (We are looking for drawings/paintings but graphics can be sent to us through email too.)
+ Since it’s winter, and if you have the crafty hands, you can knit something

+ clothing, accessories, any small gifts (non-perishable)
** Please make sure it’s not too bulky/heavy though. It will be hard to ship. **
+ you can donate and ask us to buy something you want to give him or you can just donate and we will choose the gifts to buy for him through everyone’s input

Any questions? Please ask! Go the the contact page and send us a message! :D


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