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[JYJHOUSE] Discography Page


October 1 ~ October 3

The discography page will be created and finished by October 3rd. It will include all JYJ songs and OSTs any member has taken part in. The album info, audio, Korean lyrics, and romanized lyrics will all be included. We will try to translate all of the lyrics as well over time. Also, we are planning on making a separate section for DBSK songs, when they were together labeled as ‘sweet memories.’ :)

Our apologies for our lack of updates these days. School has started again for both of us, so we’re very tired from studying hard and doing loads of painful homework. (Especially me……..I’m only getting like 3-4 hours of sleep. T___T) We’re still adjusting and taking in the change from our relaxing summer of doing nothing, but now that almost a month has passed since the start of school, we’re almost okay now. We’ll try our best to manage JYJhouse while coping with all these other things to do in life. Fighting! to everyone else who’s studying. ** UPCOMING is an event for Junsu —– It’s a birthday project ^__^ We’ll be officially announcing it on October 1st.


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