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[NEWS] JYJ’s First Korean Album Preorders Will Start September 9th

JYJ’s management company, C-Jes entertainment announced today that JYJ’s first Korean album In Heaven will be released soon. Last October, after JYJ released their worldwide album, The Beginning, they revealed some of their new songs through their world tour this year. This album will include the songs they have composed themselves making it a very special album. The title track is “In Heaven,” which is a sad R&B ballad that Kim Jaejoong has composed and there will be a total of 10 tracks included in the album.

With JYJ’s comeback ahead, C-Jes entertainment has revealed a 1 minute teaser of “In Heaven” through their homepage (www.c-jes.com) on September 5th. The music video features Kim Junsu of JYJ and Song Jihyo who enjoy a date knowing that their love story will be sad. It shows a warmhearted image and many tears, displaying a very loving scene just like a movie.

JYJ expressed, “This album holds a deep meaning different from the worldwide album. It includes songs that we have composed ourselves and we are also greeting our home country fans after a very long time so we are excited and anticipating it a lot.” Being JYJ’s first Korean album, the music video is gathering a lot of interest.

Meanwhile, JYJ’s first Korean album will be available for preorder on September 9th. It will be available from 10am on this day through music shopping sites and can be preordered online.

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JYJhouse.com – translated by siabyul


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